Aqua Revive Skin Perfect Water - 50ml

Hydrating Clarifying Lotion for Perfect looking skin


AquaRevive Skin Perfect Water is the ideal way to refreshing your skin. Use it for smoother, younger-looking, brighter skin. The “Skin Perfect Water” formulation contains oil-absorbing probiotics. The formulation helps reduce bacteria and absorbs excess oil. The outcome is a more matte and even skin tone. It can also help calm irritated and red skin.

Use it daily to improve skin health and appearance:
? Gentle and refreshing formula
? Balances and rehydrates
? Remove pollution, grime, and dull skin
? Prepare skin for moisturizer or serum application
? Minimize excess oil
? Keep skin shine-free
? Keep pores clear
? Help remove surface flakes
? Enhance moisture absorption
? Removes fine dry lines
? Unisex for both Men and Wen

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Dimensions 11.3 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm
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