Gamification Is The Way Of Life

Platform for Gamification which is turning a task into a game in order to motivate , create feeling of being rewarded each time completed a task, makes progress feel tangible, and spurs anyone to keep pushing.  It’s develop on web and mobile app for users to engage, interact, search, transact, feedback and integrate well with various new building blocks such as Concierge Services, Communities Convergence Services, Games, PropTech, ESG and etc.

Seroro Relationship with Gamers

The developments in game industry and service design have led to an increased use of so-called game mechanics to drive customer retention and engagement outside the realm of, what can traditionally be seen as, games. This act of enhancing services with game-like features has largely been coined as 'gamification'. The phenomenon has been thus far discussed atomically, without ties to existing literature on service marketing, to which the goals of gamification is strongly related to. This paper presents a definition for gamification from the perspective of service marketing and lays ground for future studies on gamification and marketing. For any inquiries on partnership, co-development and system integration, please click on the contact us button