About Us

Multi Enterprise Company

We provided your need with guaranteed result!

We are a group of enterprises consist of many subject matter experts specialized in the areas such as marketing related to LIVE marketing, resourcing for recruitment & on-boarding, digital business related to gamification & APP development, innovation & technology, manufacturing related to green technology products, engineering & machinery design, telecommunication internet connectivity, warehouse & delivery solutions with ioT  and insurance technology.

Our Vision

To increase group values, encourage prominent investments and strengthen multiple revenue streams with effective timeframe and efficient team work from the product sales and quality services.

Our Mission

To be leader in innovative solutions and technology platforms for specific types of industry with the most valuable, transacted, integrated, simplified processes and daily used by people.

Our Core Values

Coherent to customer life time value

Not all customers are the same but we are coherent to customer’s lifetime value building a long-term relationship.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Establish center of excellence for Technology and Research & Development.

Communicate Collaboratively

We accept instantaneous feedback; further communicating and collaborating actively to improve quality of our technologies, services and hence achieve our common goals for organization and community.

Care for Community

We believe in shared economy culture and exist to positively impact communities.

Confirms to High Performance Standards

We work with high discipline people producing superior results while making distinctive impact to the world.

Our Group Principles

Having the right mindsets and be digital-savvy leaders

Change takes place at all levels during a digital transformation, especially when it comes to talent and capabilities. We train and provide digital leaders for transformation success with high leadership commitment. This digital talent is mainly from a program-management or transformation office that dedicate full time to the digital change effort.

Building capabilities for the workforce of the future

We can speed up the process of developing talent and skills throughout the organization. We are the integrators and technology-innovation providers in ASEAN who bridge potential gaps between the traditional and digital parts of the business.

Empowering people to work in new ways

We embrace Digital transformations with the right cultural and behavioral changes – calculated risk-taking, increased collaboration, and customer-centricity, We reinforcing new behaviors and ways of working through formal mechanisms, long proved as an action that supports the organizational change. We give employees a say on where digitization could and should be adopted. When employees generate their own ideas about where digitization might support the business.

Giving day-to-day tools a digital upgrade

We provide the group to empower employees to work in new ways with digitizing tools and processes that can support success. We encourage our group to adopt digital tools to make information more accessible across the organization. We are implementing digital self-serve technologies for employees, business partners, or both the groups to use. We focus on technology in group operations, which includes group wise modifying their standard operating procedures to include new technologies. We also provide data-based decision making in the visible use of interactive tools.

Communicating frequently via traditional and digital methods

We have seen in traditional change efforts; clear communication is critical during a digital transformation. We help our group in communicating a story change, which helps employees understand where the group is heading, why it is changing, and why the changes are important. We train leaders in fostering a sense of urgency for making the transformational changes within their units to relay a richer story than others do.